In recent years, the attendance of major sporting events is declining due to the fact that the quality of home viewing is significantly increased. And such a trend contributes to the rapid development of bitcoin-gambling.

Bitcoin is a decentralized and almost anonymous cryptocurrency, which, unlike fiat money, is not burdened with all sorts of rules and restrictions. That’s why Bitcoin has become so popular among fans of gambling. And if you take into account the aura of public censure, enveloping the gaming industry, it is understandable that not everyone will be decided on a visit to a physical casino or play at an online casino, takes the usual currency.

Bitcoin also allows you to place and withdraw funds from the game account instantly and anonymously, making the game process itself also anonymous. Moreover, it allows you to be given excitement without leaving your own home, which saves considerable money on flights, accommodation and meals when you visit a physical casino.

Sports rates increase volumes

Rapid growth is observed in yet another form of bitco-gambling – sports betting. So organizers of the basketball tournament among American colleges March Madness suggest that this year the volume of sports betting will exceed the mark of $ 9 billion. The thirst for excitement increases with every year and to satisfy its many bookmakers take bets in Bitcoin.

Those who like sports betting will especially like bit bets on the betting exchange. If in regular bookmakers, a player can either accept the quoted odds, or must refuse a bet, then on exchanges, everyone can be in the role of both a player and a bookmaker.

Exchange rates provide a user platform for players who can offer their odds and simultaneously take odds from other players. In other words, players can bet against each other. This freedom of action allows everyone to play both “against” and “for”. And, no matter what strategy a player chooses, he is free to create his own coefficients, while others are free to accept them.

Top Casinos list

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Caliente Casino

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Spin Palace Casino

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Bet 365 Casino

100% up to €100

If you do not meet the wagering requirements within 30 days after your first valid deposit

The uniqueness of such a system lies in the fact that players on both sides have the opportunity to bet with the coefficients that they consider most beneficial. Moreover, amateurs guessing the outcome of sports events should look at bitcoin bourses also because they will save on commission fees. Since bitcommarket betting exchanges are not active participants of the betting process, their commission is significantly lower, compared to traditional bookmakers.

In contrast to the industry-standard commission of 5% -16% bitcoin, the stock exchanges require only 2%. And this makes the game much more profitable. Therefore, for fans of sports betting is now the time to pay attention to bitcoin exchanges.

In just the past few years, the market for fantasy sports has become a multi-billion dollar industry. But, as in the case of poker five years ago, seeing such high rates of growth, government agencies literally pounced on it. Such interference on the part of the authorities is disliked by many and is associated with the desire of the traditional gambling business to protect its interests, and not with the government’s aspirations to secure customers.

In social networks, a wave of calls to integrate Bitcoin into the largest sites that host bets on fantasy sports has already swept through. Therefore, soon we can expect the introduction of this cryptocurrency into the world of fantasy gambling. Well, for now, quite a large number of respected bookmaker sites rank bets in bitcoins. So, no one is deprived of a choice.

Bitcoin Improves the World of Online Poker

With online poker fans of gambling are familiar for a long time and now the army of its fans has more than 50 million unique players. Also, all the long-familiar and the difficulties through which you have to go to place or withdraw funds from the account on the game site. Prolonged, slow, overly regulated by the law, this process can bring anyone to exhaustion.

Therefore, now many popular online poker sites start accepting deposits and giving out winnings in bitcoins. And players can easily participate in tournaments with a million guaranteed prize pools.

Our favorite casinos

Aware – means armed

Due to the fact that gambling online services, receiving bitcoins, now appearing like mushrooms after a rain, it is prudent to check with what is worth playing, and with some – not. As in any field, in bitco-gambling there are unclean websites that tend to round up gullible players around their fingers. To avoid cheating, you need to get the most information about this or that gambling site, before you place your money there.

First, you need to make sure that the chosen resource is using the provably fair (“provably fair game”) technology. Now it is a recognized standard in beat-gambling and an indicator of fairness of the game. Using this technology ensures that neither bitcoin casino, nor the player can not cheat. To place a bet, certain data is required from both the player and the casino. After accepting a bet, information about it is recorded in public access, and the result of the game can be checked immediately. Therefore, the technology provably fair guarantees the integrity of the game in bitcoin gambling.

And secondly, an invaluable source of information are bitcoin-forums and sites with reviews of bitco-casino. There you can find out all about these or other resources simply from the first hands of people who have already played on them. After reading the reviews, you can make an informed decision about which resource to play. In addition, blogs with reviews provide useful information about the specifics of the work of different casinos and where to find the most profitable offers and promotions for players.